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Best Lower Ab Exercises for Women

If you are anything like every woman out there, then there’s probably one area on your body you feel you can’t work enough: abs. Your lower abs, to be exact. After all, which woman wants to go around showing off what she thinks is a unflattering belly now that it is bikini season? However, sometimes it seems that no amount of workout is enough to make the difference. But, there’s a reason for that, and it’s simpler than you thought. The secret to toned core muscles and sculpted V-cut is not only......

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11 Ways to Stay Motivated to Eat Well and Workout

You know what you need to do. Lately, you’ve been finding more and more reasons not to do it. You may tell yourself you don’t have time, that you had a bad day and just don’t feel like exercising or eating well. Whatever the reason, this is when you start to question your willpower. How do you find motivation or inspiration? I cannot give you motivation. But, I will provide you with the tools to use once you have found your motivation. Know why you are making these lifestyle decisions. You see, making smarter food......

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Why You're Doing Squats Wrong

Acknowledged as the most essential exercise for any fitness goal, the squat is also one of the most difficult exercises to perform properly. Few exercises work as many muscles simultaneously as the squat, making it a brilliant multi-purpose workout ensuring muscle growth and fat burning for your glutes, core, and legs. However, because so much of your body is engaged during a squat, it’s easy to have poor technique. Whether you are doing air squats or heavy weight, you will not reap desired benefits or worse, injure yourself.   Here are the......

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