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Everything You Need To Know About Carb Cycling For Women

What is Carb Cycling and How Does it Work? Today, the fat loss diet arena is populated by many diets that promise to get you one step (or more) closer to your dream body. Most of them claim they have that “one little trick” which can transform your physique. No need for hacks or shortcuts. However, nutritionists and fitness gurus came up with a particular diet that delivers on this promise just by listening to what science has to say about weight loss. Carb cycling has turned into a trendy and fun......

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Cheat Day, Donuts

Cheat meals used to be the highlight of my week- especially during prep for a competition! The rest of the week would start to drag as thoughts of donuts danced in my head. I tortured myself to eat squeaky clean in order to earn my one meal of unadulterated pleasure.  I thought if I wasn’t “good” I was letting Amanda Latona or Ashley Kaltwasser down. What made it worse was social media glamorizing cheat meals as a part of this healthy lifestyle, with #foodporn breaking the internet. Happily, I can say I no longer eat cheat......

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