12 Fat Burning Foods to Add to Your Diet Today

Fat Loss Food

In your journey to attain and maintain you ideal body, consistent exercise and eating right is essential. But, there are certain foods that can help by boosting your metabolism, activating hormones that release fat, and eliminating toxins that can stunt fat loss.


Add these foods to your rotation today!


Almonds/nuts: Full of protein and fiber, almonds reduce cravings. They are a good source of Vitamin E, a potent antioxidant, and magnesium which helps your body produce energy, build muscle tissue, and regulate blood sugar.

Avocado: It’s monosaturated fat enables cells to better communicate with fat burning hormones, acting as a triple-fat burner.

Cinnamon: A quarter teaspoon will move glucose to your cells faster so it minimizes your fat storing hormone.

Eggs: One of the best sources of protein, eggs have an essential balance of amino acids to power everything from your muscle fibers to brain.

Berries: Loaded with fiber and antioxidants, berries help curb appetite, improve blood flow, and protect from disease.

Soy: One of the easiest on the go snacks, soybeans are a great source of antioxidants, fiber and protein.

Grapefruit: Including the white membranes, they lower insulin while regulating blood sugar and metabolism.

Fatty Fish: The omega-3s in fatty fish improve insulin sensitivity aiding in removing fat from your waistline.

Green tea: Known for detoxing, green tea also escalates your metabolism and suppresses appetite.

Kale: The most nutrient-dense food, which helps suppress appetite and removes toxins from the body.

Whole grains: Including quinoa, brown rice and whole grain cereal, small amounts prevent the body from storing fat.

Yogurt: Probiotic bacteria in yogurt keep your digestive system healthy reducing bloating.


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