11 Ways to Stay Motivated to Eat Well and Workout

You know what you need to do. Lately, you’ve been finding more and more reasons not to do it. You may tell yourself you don’t have time, that you had a bad day and just don’t feel like exercising or eating well. Whatever the reason, this is when you start to question your willpower. How do you find motivation or inspiration? I cannot give you motivation. But, I will provide you with the tools to use once you have found your motivation. Know why you are making these lifestyle decisions. You see, making smarter food......

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Every time you enter the gym, you see it. Treadmills and ellipticals filled with people committed to steady-state cardio. Exerting 30-60+ minutes on a cardio machine, however, is the heart of the most common misconception in health and fitness. Extended periods of cardio with no strength training will not get you to your fat loss goals. Traditionally, steady state cardio was found superior for fat loss because the body uses relatively more fat as fuel during lower intensity exercises than high (ie, a steady jog versus sprints). Therefore, the “Fat Burning Zone” illustrated on cardio......

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For committed weight lifters, rest days can be the worst, thought to sabotage gains. For those new to fitness, it can be a relief getting time away from the gym. Regardless of your feelings towards it, rest days are an essential part of training. Defining Rest The intensity of your workouts leading up to it will  determine how inactive you are on your rest day. If you’ve been lifting hard everyday , varying targeted muscles, and challenging your body, maybe a full day off of not staining yourself is in order. If......

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