Ready to build (and maintain) a strong, confident body without obsessive eating habits or long, unfulfilling workouts? Want to feel amazing about yourself TODAY, not someday? Of course you do gorgeous! You have come to the right place.

Welcome to Always Live Active by Abby Austin, where you will find fitness and health information that actually works! No miserable fad diets here. No workout programs that promote false promises. Certainly no quick fixes or taking your health for granted.  I cut through the bullshit to give you the accurate, scientifically proven tools. Always Live Active empowers you to feel great, achieve your goals sustainably, but most importantly enjoy how you eat and move your body!

I’ve attempted multiple diets, deprived myself of food, labeled food as good or bad, and drowned in guilt after even a bite of a ‘bad’ food. I’ve spent countless hours doing cardio, hating my body, becoming mentally unwell, and focusing solely on my ‘problem areas’ only to find myself nowhere closer to my goals. I have since learned how to remove the guilt, shame and restriction from my life. Instead, I chose a flexible lifestyle that allows me to eat food guilt free and use fitness to become the best, happiest, healthiest version of myself!

This ignited my endless passion to teach YOU to find the same empowerment through health and fitness. With Always Live Active you will:

  • Love your body NOW! Not only for how it looks, but for what it is capable of!
  • Learn sustainable food and fitness habits you will use for a lifetime of health
  • Get maximum results with quick, effective strength training workouts
  • Enjoy your food, ditch restriction, and eat nutritiously
  • Develop a healthy mindset for motivation, self-love, overcoming obstacles, and achieve you goals
  • Feel amazing, happy, and strong all while loving the process

Being fit and healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. Always Live Active enables health and fitness to compliment your life while always being part of it. My ultimate goal is to provide you with the education, inspiration, community, and tools you need to achieve the body, confidence, and life you deserve.

Want to get to know me better?

Hi, I’m Abby Austin – donut queen, certified personal trainer, health aficionado, conservative adventure junkie (I’m clumsy), NPC bikini competitor, and your biggest cheerleader!

From the time I could walk, I had a soccer ball at my feet and a basketball in my hands. I discovered my passion for fitness early in life, but I wasn’t always healthy. I’ve also spent my life tirelessly seeking comfort in my own skin, until recently. I discovered health, nutrition, and self-love in the last few years.

What you need to know:

  • My real fitness journey started in my early 20s as a means to remove excessive anxiety, self doubt, and pain from my life (I have an L5 protrusion from a car accident which leaves me in chronic back pain). My life changed forever. I use strength training as my main tool.
  • Proud daughter of a 2x cancer survivor. My mother’s path to recovery sparked my mission into understanding, researching and applying nutrition and health to not only my life but also my family/community.
  • I initially found my body confidence through my first NPC bikini competition, by really understanding what my body is capable of. I have since competed in 4 shows, earning all top 5 placings.
  • Not only am I a fitness entrepreneur helping YOU reach your goals, but I also work as a boss babe in the tech industry.
  • Midwestern girl living in the heart of Los Angeles. Beach bum at its finest.
  • Love sports. I’m a die heart Duke Blue Devils basketball and Cincinnati Bengals football fan.
  • My favorite foods are bison, sweet potato fries, and obviously donuts!
  • I’m an ASU Sun Devil Alum with a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics/International Business.
  • Coffee every day is non-negotiable. Always black. I don’t think the caffeine does anything but I love the taste.